Content marketing for the solopreneur: Is guest posting worth it?

To guest post or not to guest post?

Will you be paid?

Is it a high-quality site?

How much traffic does the site get?

What’s the site’s authority ranking?

Domain authority and page authority

Social authority

Will they promote your content?

How do they handle links and CTAs?

  • Where will the link be?
    A lot of sites offer author bios, and, while those may be flattering, a link in a bio (or footer) transfers far less authority than a link within the content of your post. There’s nothing wrong with a bio, but give priority to sites that will let you include relevant links to your site within the text itself.
  • Will they allow you to include a CTA?
    Some sites allow you to include a promotional call to action at the end of your post, and some don’t. Give preference to sites that allow you to include a CTA (just don’t be spammy).
  • Will the links be “follow” or “no follow”?
    “Follow”/”no follow” designations tell Google whether to count a particular link when they calculate page ranking, SERP, etc. The “no follow” designation was intended to keep spam from taking over the internet, but some sites use it for links within guest posts. For the most part, while any link can give you a boost in awareness, a guest post that includes only “no follow” links really isn’t worth your time and effort.


Bottom line



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Patti Podnar

Patti Podnar

Wife, mother, and content marketing consultant. Discovering and enjoying life as a work-from-home business owner while #50ishwithafullnest.